Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

In this time of rapid change and business disruption there is an awareness that building strong leaders and teams able to lead through uncertainty and change, is critical to an organizations success and accelerating performance. By providing development opportunities through executive coaching in Dubai and the region, organizations partner with LHH Gulf to provide structured yet bespoke programs to underpin business growth plans. As one of the leading Executive Coaching companies in the UAE we deliver Executive Coaching that can help drive business performance and move organizations forward by developing the talent within the business.

We have a team of experienced coaches that deliver our executive coaching engagements in Dubai and the Middle East, and our approach, which is adaptable and proven, facilitates measurable results that are sustainable reaching intended goals, thereby maximizing ROI.


The LHH coaching model is Results-Based and operates like a compass enabling the individual to always know where they are in the process and allowing them to measure their progress. The framework therefore allows outcomes to be considered, promotes information gathering, supports strategies being designed and results to be achieved – it’s a proven model that delivers results.

As our executive coaching consultants in the UAE work with individuals to help them gain more self-awareness and clarity, there is an un-locking of potential and rapid progression. Using the Coach as a sounding board, individuals navigate their coaching journey and can see their own development as they reach the goals and targets established initially. Executive coaching engagements are usually at least 6 to 12 months with one -on-one meetings with an Executive Coach.


At LHH Gulf, our programs are bespoke to each individual. Whilst we have a framework to work within allowing measurement and progress checks throughout, one coaching program will look different to the next - in order to meet the individuals’ growth and development needs, whilst supporting business objectives. Our Executive coaches are highly skilled with a firm understanding of change management, performance management, how to build effective teams as well as organizational structures. They are experts in understanding executives and the work involved for individuals to change, grow and develop, with the ability to identify anything that inhibits them. Very often Leaders and Executives don’t need support with their business competencies but rather learning how to become more skillful in the art of leading others. Our coaches partner with individuals on successful executive coaching engagements in Dubai, the Middle East and globally, that result in executives blending their business acumen and analytical strengths with stronger interpersonal skills allowing them to lead strongly.

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