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Whether you’re transitioning a handful of people or hundreds, LHH Gulf has the tools, technology and expertise to manage a career transition. An effective restructuring and executive outplacement strategy ensures business continuity and protects your brand, so that the employees you retain remain productive, committed and focused.

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Our Career Transition Services in the Gulf

  • Include individual programs and workshops for all levels
  • Use industry-tested, comprehensive and results-oriented tactics
  • Provide customised programs for the organisation and individuals
  • Offer onsite support from expert consultants, based in the Gulf region
  • Optimise the latest online tools, including the Next Gen Career Resource Network® (CRN)

Our Outplacement Planning Support and Services

  • Assist your organisation with planning and management of the project
  • Provide training for managers in order to conduct notification meetings

Partner Support Programs Improve Individual Productivity

LHH Gulf’s Partner Career Support Program was developed for organizations recruiting new talent into the Gulf region. Often a new recruit will be a dual career partner relocating with family members who can greatly benefit from a smooth transition into a new environment with career support such as:

  • Job search assistance, professional career coaching & CV support
  • Networking advice and information on local business market trends
  • Cultural Awareness, living and working in the UAE

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With 50 years of experience worldwide, and 385 offices in 64 countries around the world, LHH has a global footprint with the expertise, experience, and capability to support everything from the termination of a single employee to a mass restructuring – LHH Gulf delivers all if this - perfectly tailored to the Middle East environment.

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