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LHH Gulf is passionate about partnering with organizations who strategically invest in developing high potential individuals or preparing leaders to transition into new more demanding roles. We are seeing that whether it is to support the development of high potentials, transition leaders into new roles, strengthen team performance or manage change effectively, organizations are engaging in coaching programs and seeing direct results. Our Leadership development services in the UAE, the Middle East and globally can support your organization and the managers that lead teams in the heart of the business.

Developing the skills and mindset of high potential leaders and those managing in the mid-level arena is critical to the organizations ability to meet targets. LHH Gulf’s Leadership Development Coaching techniques and approaches help facilitate individuals to become effective leaders who are accountable and affective. Investing in the Middle Management tier assists your talent development efforts in ensuring there are a pipeline of leaders ready to move forward and step up as the organization grows and changes.

Through the coaching process individuals learn how to hold themselves and their teams accountable to deliver high standards and ensure performance is optimal. Leaders will take away tools that help them tackle difficult issues and equip them to make difficult decisions can prevent stagnation and bottle necks in performance and delivery.

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A focus for leadership development coaching is communication, and the ability to communicate strategy and direction efficiently - in Dubai and the Middle East Markets with its eclectic mix of nationalities, languages and cultures. The ability to inspire team members to achieve future goals will be a key skill as middle managers move into leadership roles.

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Leaders who can cultivate healthy teams through their communication and leadership style will have a direct impact on business success. At LHH Gulf we thrive when we work with potential leaders helping them rise to the occasion for organizations’ succession planning to develop a depth in leadership skills. These leaders need to be driving change and inspiring teams on the frontline in order to deliver business results. Our Leadership Development Coaching programs in Dubai and beyond can be instrumental in developing the skills and confidence required to lead well.


As is the case with our other Coaching programs the Leadership Coaching programs use the LHH coaching model which is Results-Based, operating like a compass enabling the individual to always know where they are in the process and allowing them to measure their progress. The framework includes outcomes to be considered, promotes information gathering, supports strategies and results to be achieved – it’s our proven model that delivers results!

For more information on how to support your High-Potential Leaders with Leadership Development Services in the UAE, the Middle East and Globally - Contact us at info@lhhgulf.com

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