Next Gen Career Resource Network® (CRN)

Access to a State-of-the Art Web Portal

Next Gen Career Resource Network (Next Gen CRN), is the new career transition technology from LHH, it delivers a responsive, personalized experience, tailoring each individual program whereby it provides the most relevant activities, information and job leads.

As social media gains in importance, social recruiting and hiring best practices drive the latest tools and methodologies available in Next Gen CRN. Our roadmap integrates social networking and recruiting, and aligns each individual’s social media strategy with how recruiters think. The career transition process is digitized to help individuals build a strong personal brand and showcases their skills

A walk-through of Next Gen CRN and how it works.

Using Next Gen CRN, individuals:

  • Identify career goals
  • Skill up with career coaching
  • Write a winning resume
  • Practice interview skills
  • Get the right job leads
  • Define a personal brand
  • Effectively use social media in job search
  • Access proprietary research databases
  • Upskill with 3,000 high-impact Skillsoft® online courses
  • Negotiate competitive offers