Improve Employer Branding

Improve Employer Branding

Improve Employer Branding

Protecting and Enhancing your Employer Brand

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” According to Jeff Bezoz, Founder and CEO of How would your current employees describe your organization, would they recommend you when talking to their friends? What are job seekers saying about you on social media?

What is an Employer Brand?

The term employer branding was introduced in the 1990’s and refers to how an organization builds the reputation of a business among their employees. There is a close relationship between the culture of an organisation and the employer brand, which promotes the cultural nuances that differentiates and makes working with your organisation distinctive and memorable

Employer branding affects how your employees feel about you as an employer, and how much they value the organisation they work for. Word of mouth, interviews, PR, advertising, social media, and internships are all ways in which the internal image of the company is transmitted outside the company. Clearly, employer branding is important if you want to retain and attract new talent to work for you.

Protecting Your Employer Brand

The rise of Social Media necessitates a proactive approach to managing and attracting talent to your organisation. Research from LHH Penna in the UK in 2016 highlights that Millennials “are twice as likely to post thoughts about employers on the internet than their older counterparts”

In the constant changing working environment, it is important to protect your brand during times of restructuring, to ensure employees who leave as a result of the organisational changes leave well and despite redundancy maintain the company in a positive view.

  • Providing Outplacement solutions with individual or group programs will deliver key tools team members need to navigate their separation from the company, to ensure individuals are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Managing Change and Resilience workshops will provide Managers and team members with direction during unsettled times.
  • Before having to reduce your headcount consider how you can redeploy and re-skill to retain key talent in your organisation.

Enhancing your Employer brand

A strong indicator Employer Branding is expected to gain greater strategic importance was highlighted by Universum’s research ‘2020 outlook, the Future of Employer Branding’ where 60% of CEO’s surveyed believed that responsibility for Employer Branding lies with the CEO. In light of this, here are some steps to enhance your Employer Brand

  • Evaluate where you are now: How does your work culture relate to the vision of the company? What message does your company project to talent you wish to attract? Do you need to make any cultural changes to narrow the gap between projected image and current reality?
  • Developing your company culture: Once you’ve identified the areas that you need to work on, take action to develop and measure the changes. This is not purely a HR exercise; everyone, particularly the executive team will need to be on board to ensure changes are authentic and become firmly entrenched, so that the message is consistent with the reality that exists.
  • Make your current Talent your biggest ambassadors: You don’t need to replicate the likes of Google in terms of work culture, but consider what would make a difference to your employees – what makes them happy and more fulfilled in the workplace. Think about whether you might be able to offer flexible hours, whilst simultaneously giving structure and objectives to achieve – so they can be held accountable and achieve a sense of accomplishment.

To continue the discussion on protecting and developing your Employer Brand please contact the LHH Gulf team.