Virtual Career Transition – a better approach?

Virtual Career Transition – a better approach?

Virtual Career Transition – a better approach?

The digital revolution is driving new strategies and new thinking which has led to the offering of virtual career transition support services. With more people working in remote and off-site locations the role of Technology and advancements in infrastructure has paved the way for successful transition support increasing flexibility in delivery.

With the global economy and the rate of change accelerating in the technology sphere there has been a shift by outplacement providers to deliver remote programs. Outplacement support services refers to a broad range of services to support employees in transition. The outplacement industry was born out of the acknowledgement by organizations that employers have a moral, strategic and in some countries legal obligation to support employees. Programs are not detached or impersonal – technology provides a vehicle to deliver Career Transition Services.

Coaching Programs

Most people prefer human interaction with coaches and peers, and it is worthwhile noting that even though a program is virtual, our programs ensure there is still the human element with individual time spent with a coach. The coaching is therefore still very much personalized to the individuals needs and the career transition services goals and outcomes are the same – to prepare and support an individual on the journey to their next role.

The crucial components of a virtual outplacement program will be the same as a face to face delivery:

  • The program is tailored to meet the individual’s needs and circumstances.
  • The individual has access to an individual Coach to assist them with their individual needs.
  • The program prepares and equips the individual with the tools they need for a successful transition.

There has been a shift from face-to-face delivery to a virtual approach, where the focus is on transitioning displaced workers to new roles in the shortest possible time. As we move from Outplacement to more Active Placement we look forward to sharing the changes with you.

LHH Gulf delivers Career Transition programs in the Middle East both in person and on virtual programs. We run live workshops as well as virtual workshops and tailor programs to suit an organization’s needs, and importantly support individuals who are affected by change management programs. To find out more about how we can assist you please email