The Leadership Contract

The Leadership Contract

The Leadership Contract

Challenges facing leaders today

As global leaders continue to face unprecedented changes and disruption in their environments it is clear they need to be stronger than ever before, to build trust and confidence with their teams and key stakeholders, regardless of whether they are leading a team, department or company.

We are delighted to have recently launched The Leadership Contract in the UAE, a one-day workshop based on the work of Vince Molinaro, (New York Times Best Selling Author) that offers a road map for leaders to step up and demonstrate strong leadership accountability, offering a new mindset to make individuals better leaders and foster business success.

The one-day leadership course development workshop is designed to help leaders develop the skills and self-awareness necessary to drive leadership accountability and create sustainable organizational change and achieve its business objectives through personalized executive coaching.

How is the corporate training program delivered?

The Interactive workshop includes case studies relevant to the organization and industry providing leaders a platform to build from, specific to their own cultural DNA. It will be an experience that propels leaders forward, helping them move to action, allowing time for personal reflection as well as strategic planning. All of this will foster accountability for each leader on a personal level that will ultimately enhance performance across the organization.

Reflections from our launch

The energy in the room throughout the day was amazing as the group of senior leaders across industry and function worked with each other and shared experiences. Here’s what they felt was the most valuable outcome of The Leadership Contract:

‘Insights from others in different fields to aid personal reflection’
‘Discussions & stories – learning from others’ best practices’
‘Realizing that this is a tough job, acknowledge & seek support’
‘Recognizing that accepting a leadership role is a decision’

When asked if participants would recommend The Leadership Contract and why, these were some of their replies:

‘Yes, because I believe it helps empower your leadership’
‘Yes. It’s a good mechanism to broaden the understanding of what leadership really is and its relevance to personal growth & organization growth’
‘Yes, useful for leaders at all levels – from first line to senior executives. Simple ‘common sense’ concepts easy to understand & digest’

This Leadership course is now available in Dubai, UAE and across the Middle East and can be ‘fine-tuned’ to meet the specific needs of your organization. The program will lay a good foundation for leaders to intensify their growth though individualized executive coaching which we run in Dubai and throughout the region.

If you would like more information on how LHH|Gulf can partner with your organization to develop leaders, foster talent skill development and support your teams please contact us for more information We will be running the corporate training programs in Dubai, the UAE and regionally.