Presenting Yourself as Confident but Not Over Confident in an Interview – Career Coaching

Presenting Yourself as Confident but Not Over Confident in an Interview – Career Coaching

Presenting Yourself as Confident but Not Over Confident in an Interview – Career Coaching

Many people believe that appearance and education are the most important factors to consider when hiring. The reality is however that most employers consider an individual’s personality integral to the decision making the process. As social beings, it, therefore, stands to reason that how you present yourself during the face-to-face interview has a significant impact on whether or not you get hired.

There is a need to understand what personality traits will help you to land that dream job. Employers consider overconfident candidates as offensive. However, hiring teams consider confidence as the most appealing personality trait. The secret is to balance being confident without coming out too strong to be considered overconfident during the meeting.

In career coaching, the coach will advise you to be confident in what you can do. Show the hiring team that you are confident in your abilities and that you can fit in that work environment – confident enough for others to feel comfortable and enjoy working with you. Meanwhile, try not to show any arrogance as this could hinder your chances of getting the job.

Although you are trying not to appear arrogant, you don’t have to come across as too delicate or vulnerable. As you try to consciously balance these traits, and remember all the valuable points you have learned. When you are trying to build a rapport, you are creating a mental overload, which makes you overthink, therefore, coming across as unnatural. Managers want to hire people who are likeable and will fit into the team. Arrogance will not get you that job.

How to Appear Confident During Interviews

The following tips will help you to be confident and remain likeable without crossing over to the arrogant side:


Your career coach will tell you that during an interview, you ought to discuss your skills and significance to the company confidently. However, how you communicate your winning talents will determine greatly if you get the job.

The secret is to be specific, give information that shows your expertise in a specific field; for instance, an award for the best-performing employee or any other achievement. To impress the hiring team, you have to prove your success without even a hint of pride.

Be Truthful

Hiring teams prefer candidates who are truthful about their achievements, abilities and give credit for teamwork. Do not overstate your abilities or lie about your achievements. If an accomplishment was a team effort, demonstrate this by showing how you contributed.

Expect the Weakness and Failure Questions

Hiring managers are not looking for perfect candidates, so don’t try to pretend. Be positive about your failures but don’t forget about the lessons learned. Also, remember to embrace growth and achievements, but concentrate on what you have done to make changes and adapt in order to demonstrate how far you’ve come. Career coaching will teach you to take advantage of such situations. This is an excellent opportunity to confidently admit that you have shortcomings and that you are striving to improve. If you have mentors, talk about them and state how they helped you become a better person and employee. You can also talk about work-related areas and demonstrate how you have improved.

At LHH Gulf we use the SOAR Stories technique (situations, obstacles, actions, and results) to answer questions because it helps to succinctly explain how you have overcome a weakness. You can do this by thinking of a situation where you have had challenges before. Choose a shortcoming that is not related to critical requirements to the position an think of various situations where this happened to create your soar story.

Show what you did to improve your skills or deal with your weaknesses. For instance, if you are not social, explain any training you have taken to improve and overcome this shortcoming. Talk about the outcome of your actions; for instance, have you recently taken any course to gain expertise in a certain area? Are you a regular volunteer who makes presentations during company events? Have your scores of performance assessment improved? A candidate who shows self-awareness and willingness to improve professionally is sought after by employers compared to individuals who pretend to be perfect.

Remember the Interview is Important

Being confident allows you to relax during a face-to-face interview. However, when you relax too much, you might come across as not taking the interview seriously. During your Career Coaching sessions practice your posture, being friendly and avoid talking about topics which are unrelated to the job. There needs to be a balance between appearing nervous and being too relaxed. Focus on the goal of building a rapport rather than impressing the hiring team.

Breathing Techniques are Essential for Breathing and Relaxing

The good thing about being confident is that it comes with relaxing; therefore, breathing exercises and reflection can be really helpful. Concentrating on your breathing during an interview calms your nerves.

One of the reasons individuals are often more relaxed having been through a career transition program otherwise known as career coaching is that you will learn helpful tools and tips on how to handle yourself during interviews. Anxiety causes the blood to flow away from the brain; this is to activate the fight or flight mode. This is why whenever you feel anxious, your cognitive functions suffer. If you do feel anxious or stressed stop and take a deep breath to help centre yourself and refocus.

Asking Questions is Important

Many interviewers finish the meeting with a simple question, “do you have any questions?” you should always respond with a “yes.”Hiring teams use this method to measure your interest in the job opportunity.

Although you will notice that some questions come naturally from the interview with the hiring team, prepare some questions in advance to ask each interviewer. The significance of these preparations are two-way. This shows the hiring team that you are serious about the interview and that you want the position. It also helps you to decide whether that job is right for you.

As you prepare for your interviews, practice with your career consultant or career coach to build your confidence. Be open to their critique to your responses and performance during a mock interview so that you walk into the interview relaxed and confident. You have a value proposition for the new organization and role which you are applying for and taking note of this aspect is one of the strategies to use when going for interviews.

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