Career Transition Masterclass Blog – Building your brand

Career Transition Masterclass Blog – Building your brand

Career Transition Masterclass Blog – Building your brand

Our work throughout the region has allowed us to gather really interesting information on how individuals perceive, approach and go through times of Career Transition. We have put together some Career Transition Masterclass Blogs to help anyone who is in transition or job search mode.

We work with so many people from different industries, with different career paths, personalities, and job level and there is a common thread we see not tied to a specific industry or job type. Individuals tell our Career Transition Specialists that they need help understanding what a brand identity is and then how to put steps in place to build and establish their brand. 

Branding is not a new subject or notion, according to LinkedIn, in the ‘‘70s, the average consumer in the U.S.A was exposed to around 500 ads per day. That number has since increased by a factor of 10 to upward of 5,000 ads per day’ referring to online digital marketing alone.

What about yourself? Your personal brand? Thinking of building your own personal brand is a global trend and a process that helps the individual discover and clarify what sets them apart highlights their skills and capabilities and then, clearly communicating this personal “brand of you” to your chosen audience. The aim in job search is for your brand to clearly capture and communicate who you are and how you are viewed to potential managers and networking contacts.

Your Career Transition Specialist can help you – but here are some tips to help you get started and continue to ‘Build your brand’

1. Know yourself FIRST

Your brand should reflect who you are, it should be relevant and show your uniqueness and can grow as you develop as a professional. This means spending some time exploring who you are. During Career Transition you have the opportunity to really drill down on what you want and which direction you wish to head into. Defining yourself in light of that will help you as you transition – here are some thoughts to help:

  • Describe your talents: what are you especially good at that can help you in your daily job
  • Know what you want your future work to include/exclude, be fully aware of your own preferences.
  • What are your Specialization’s? You need to showcase that you have a significant skill or specialization.

2. Set yourself APART from the rest!

When we work with individuals on their Career Transition Programs one of the areas of focus is pulling out what sets you apart from others. We use an exercise called Soar stories you remember through your working career that illustrates and help highlight the unique value you will bring with you. 

  • What is your value proposition? Are you able to deliver what’s required?
  • How is your value proposition unique? Is it related to your abilities? Some knowledge that may set you apart? Perhaps you have a unique experience which sets you apart from others?
  • What is it about you that stands out to others and that they comment on?

3. Define – WHO YOU ARE

A personal branding statement will be useful in getting people’s attention. When writing this personal branding statement make sure it has something that will catch attention and pique the reader’s interest to want to know more about you? It really should make an impression of what you do and who you are and once again helps you in defining direction during your career transition process.

Go back to your Value proposition – what is the value you can add

  • What sets you apart? This should go into the statement (see point above)
  • Avoid going into long details – the idea is to entice the individual to learn more about you.

4. Spreading the news of YOU

We know that networking is vital to career transition and job search. Learning how to also harness Social Media to spread the ‘news of you’ is also important and will need some time and attention. 

An online presence is needed to help you build and continue to shape your branding. Recruiters and Organizations are checking online to fill positions so it’s important to cover all the bases.

  • Check all job market forums and register, updating your profile with all necessary information.
  • Look into Social Media platforms and create your own professional presence.
  • Consider LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Write a Blog
  • Start ‘adding value’ on these platforms; you can do this by writing articles, commenting on others posts and entering into conversations on relevant topics shared. Sharing and helping others through your engagement will also help build your following. 
  • Follow prospective employers and engage in their posts by commenting or sharing what they post.
  • Google yourself and see what you find.


These tips should help you get started on your Personal Brand which are important aspects of your reputation and your business identity and can be of immense help during times of Career Transition. The concept of your personal brand is something which will grow and develop over time and must be nurtured. It is not simply required to find a new job when you find yourself exiting an organization but also to portray yourself in a way that makes you visible to leaders within your organization to create opportunities with an organization. 

Look out for our next Masterclass Blog –‘Using Social Media in your Job Search Project’ and Networking in the Gulf’. If you would like more information on how LHH Gulf supports organizations as individuals leave them and take up career transition programs please visit our website or send us an email on