Career Transition Support Masterclass 2 – Using Social Media in your Job Search Project

Career Transition Support Masterclass 2 – Using Social Media in your Job Search Project

Career Transition Support Masterclass 2 – Using Social Media in your Job Search Project

In our second Masterclass series on Career Transition Support we are focusing on using Social Media in your job search project and how recruiters ‘work”. Headhunters, recruiters and employers are all using social media to source their ideal candidates. It makes sense naturally that you have a focus on Social Media as an integral part of your job search strategy during search. As Career Transition Specialists in Dubai and the Middle East, we are constantly sharing information, tips and tools with our candidates to help them including on Social Media.

Using social media in your Career Transition can increase the visibility of your professional profile and broaden your reach and contacts. Putting your unique skillset, value proposition and experience into the public domain can provide networking opportunities with professionals in a variety of employment sectors and help build your personal brand.

How do recruiters work and how can you be sure to have a Social Media Strategy in place that aligns? Some helpful information below on the stages recruiters use as they use Social Media to find valuable talent.

Network and your personal brand

At LHH, we talk about networking a lot. It’s a really big part of our focus because we understand that via networks you can tap into the hidden job market as well as build your personal brand. When you are in Career Transition mode it will be important to build recruiter relationships. 

  • Are there particular headhunters in your field? Do some investigation and follow the relevant individuals.  Recruiters are constantly at work on networking to ensure they have a pipeline of high-value individuals at all times – to ensure that when a role comes up he/she can quickly deliver high-quality candidates.

It is in your best interest to connect with recruiter contacts on Social Media and on an individual basis – even if they have nothing available now, them being aware of you and your value proposition will bring you to mind when the right role does emerge. 

  • Consider the list of companies you would love to work for, join communities relating to these companies
  • Become actively engaged in the content they share 
  • Once you have established relationships consider asking for information or their advice on upcoming networking events – an example would be online Career fairs. 
  • Enquire about In-person networking events which are a wonderful way of meeting individuals face to face – a personal connection is often so helpful and always remember to follow up afterwards to connect on Social Media.


Engagement for your Career Transition

We know that recruiters first action point is to research potential candidates on Social Media, then connect with relevant candidates and do screening calls to identify their key individuals. Therefore, it makes sense to:

  • Research your target companies, learn everything you can about the company, what is its culture like? What does the company do? Are they in the news? New CEO? Recent M&A? Learn as much as you can about their Social Responsibility initiatives. 
  • You can go to the profiles of the company to engage with the content they share, commenting and professionally sharing your interest. 

Focus on your brand presence and make it as broad as possible. Consider buying your own name URL and connect it to your LinkedIn Profile – or consider having your own website. It is also wise to do an internet search on yourself and see what can be picked up by anyone doing a search on you. Obviously remove questionable content if it exists. Do this work initially so that once Recruiters start engaging with you this part is ready to be accessed and consumed.

When the opportunity arises for that screening call with a recruiter it is time to use the information gathered by your research and share things you have learned about the organization – demonstrating your interest as well as an understanding of the organization as a whole. Industry insights and awareness of current challenges and opportunities will also help to set you apart as an individual. Send a thank you follow up email after the call and include your relevant URL links with them.


Getting yourself cleared and noticed has got you over the first hurdle of a screening call. Recruiters, Hiring Managers and Interviewers will also do their own internet search on you to gather information, build their own profile on you and formulate questions. They will want to evaluate your level of skills and experience. Things you should anticipate beforehand to be prepared for this could include the following:

  • Use your knowledge! Share within your field and industry online.
  • Create blog posts & presentations on relevant subjects and topics
  • Continuously feed your own online presence via your blogs, on LinkedIn, your website and other revenues
  • During the interview demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of the field and the company by sharing what you have learned and have relevant questions to ask yourself.

There is endless content on the internet to support you in your Social Media Journey as part of your Career Transition search project. Harvard Business Review often has very helpful content which can support you. Use Google to search for tutorials on Social Media platforms and access available content directly on the Platforms that often have step by step videos.

Look out for our previous Masterclass Blog –‘Building your brand’ and the next Masterclass Blog ‘Networking in the Gulf’.

As part of your Career Transition Support program with LHH Gulf, you will also receive support on this topic through our career transition workshops, as well as have access to content on CRN (Career Resource Network) to further support you. Your Career Coach will also be able to work with you to review and discuss the topic. Look out for our 3rd Masterclass of the series which will be out soon. For information on our programs or to enquire about our other services please visit or you can email