3 Ideas Guaranteed to Boost Team Wellbeing and Performance

3 Ideas Guaranteed to Boost Team Wellbeing and Performance

Despite what many people may think, employee wellbeing is not about having bean bags and a table tennis setup in the office. 


Positive employee wellbeing facilitates the intangible factors: a sense of purpose, boundaries, personal growth. Understanding your employee’s needs from a holistic perspective is key to improving their overall quality of life. Yes – you, as a leader, have the power to improve someone’s quality of life! Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s dive in.



  • Recognition and praise should be a formal part of your team culture.



One of the simplest ways to start cultivating a positive emotional environment for your team is to recognize and highlight their achievements. Don’t leave it until the annual appraisal to tell your team the areas in which they are excelling. Make it habitual. For example, highlighting individual achievements on a weekly team call is a great way to motivate your entire team.


Leading a team of Millennials? This one is especially for you. Being part of the so-called “self-esteem generation” that has become accustomed to receiving praise from a young age, Millennial employees place a lot of value on recognition. 



  • If in doubt, gamify.



There’s nothing quite like a collective challenge to break down barriers and encourage communication and co-operation. Set up a fitness challenge for your organization eg. ‘Move It in March’ where the person or team who has clocked up the most steps at the end of the month wins a small prize. 


Tight on budget? Try a gratitude initiative like ‘Thankful Tuesdays’ where the organization is encouraged to highlight one thing/person they’re grateful for each week on a collaborative space like Microsoft Teams. Remember leaders, you will need to – you guessed it – lead the initiative by being the first to post what you are grateful for, as will likely be outside the comfort zones of some team members.



  • Collaborate with small local businesses



No budget? No worries! Reach out to some small local businesses to see if they would like to collaborate with you. From newly qualified yoga teachers who are looking to reach their teaching hour goals to local healthcare professionals who would like to give an educational talk to your team, there are many businesses and individuals alike who would be happy to exchange their skillset for the exposure that your organization can offer.


Ask your team to anonymously share what would improve their well-being. Brainstorm. Collaborate. Be your team members’ biggest advocate and watch the mood shift.