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Career transitions are different for each person in your organization. At LHH we have solutions that fit each person as an individual and meet your organizations goals.

With the new Return on Individuals there is a drive by organizations and individuals to reinvent themselves by upskilling and reskilling as the organization and indeed the world changes. LHH believes that each person has infinite power to grow, learn, and, adapt. Re-energize your workforce and help your employees realize their true potential with our Active Placement model.


Active placement

Active placement is outplacement reimagined. Dedicated, personal career coaching is so important to us at LHH that it remains at the centre of everything we do. Globally LHH has evolved outplacement in such a way that it aligns with the latest digital hiring and recruitment methods. Through General Assembly and LinkedIn Learning candidates can upskill and reskill and so in this way we are helping candidates land the most in-demand jobs in the market.

Our specialized approach to personal branding and the way in which we connect people to jobs has reduced time to placement by up to 65% partnered with expert human in-person support we provide. With LHH, individuals get access to unpublished job leads and opportunities at organizations around the world, which includes our 7,000+ client companies.

Through our portal, each individual can assess, explore and look for the career options that suit them best – whether that be a full-time role, starting a business / entrepreneurism, actively retiring, or developing a portfolio career. We know that over 90% of our LHH candidates who experience active placement say they landed in a similar or better job, with a similar or better salary. 81% say their new job reflects a better alignment with their career objectives.


LHH’s redeployment solutions are aimed to help your organization move away from a replaceable workforce towards a renewable workforce. We use AI matching technology combined with cutting edge reskilling and upskilling from General Assembly and LinkedIn Learning, LHH has packaged an internal mobility program that can be quickly deployed and be scaled to meet your organization where it is. Whether you are trying to reduce the impact of upcoming restructuring or wanting to build a longer-term redeployment system – we can help unlock the potential and capacity to turn your workforce into a true force.

Career Development

When there are no clear career opportunities or paths, and, when Managers don’t engage their employees in meaningful career conversations, talent begin to search out new opportunities. In the current war for talent loosing high-performing and high-potential employees is a costly exercise – even more so when there are already roles waiting to be filled.
Organizations can use LHH’s career development programs and digital toolkit to empower employees. Through them, they can assess opportunities and be in control of their career paths. Our programs inspire people managers to become talent developers, and by doing so, your company brand is built – as an employer that champions employability — whilst at the same time fosters higher levels of engagement and talent retention.

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