Create a company culture that supports internal growth

Create a company culture that supports internal growth

When looking for talent to fill an open position, many team leaders immediately lean on recruitment. Talent that is already within the organization is often overlooked.


However, retaining and developing internal talent before considering external candidates can often build the most effective, robust teams. 


A recent LinkedIn report showed that 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. This proves that although nurturing top talent from within the organization can be challenging, it’s in your best interest as a senior executive to do so.


Here are five simple ways to build a company culture that supports internal talent development and mobility:


  1. Emphasize the importance of life-long learning and continuous development. Senior leaders should be advocates of this culture.
  2. Formalize a system of internal mobility that allows employees to seek new opportunities within the organization and engage in upskilling programs.
  3. Embed SMART career conversations in performance reviews between employees and their line managers.
  4. Build a career lattice for your team members, not a career ladder. This will promote the benefits of non-linear career paths to align talent with roles.
  5. Empower your team with the knowledge that the responsibility of their skillset development and career trajectory sits with them and the organisation in equal measure.


Remember, it can be stressful trying to upskill, meet deadlines and manage client expectations at the same time. A successful internal development program is one that has full support from leaders and participants alike.