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Employee Engagement UAE

A deeper understanding of your people can increase employee engagement and retention, improving your overall business performance.

Our engagement solutions use industry-leading tools, resources and technology to develop employees, and help you understand the capabilities of your people, enhancing their employment experience.

We provide focused solutions and a targeted approach to employee engagement in the Gulf needs, initiating activities to engage, empower and retain key individuals who are critical to achieving organizational goals.

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Our employee engagement tools help you retain and engage your talent:

  • Assessment: our assessment tools are designed to uncover what makes people unique. They assess strengths, development needs, core values, motivators, experience and functional skills. The tools can be used in the context of personal/career development, leadership development and executive assessment.
  • Personal Career Development: our development plans encourage employees to take ownership in order to achieve their potential. Insights gained from our assessments, together with individual goals and aspirations form the basis of discussions, which in turn identify development needs. The resulting personal development plans help individuals to achieve personal objectives and drive organisational improvements.
  • Team Development: these programs increase team effectiveness and performance by increasing awareness and understanding of the personalities and preferences of team members. Sharing the results of assessment interventions within a team and creating team action plans can build team cohesion, increase levels of employee engagement and enhance overall team performance.

If you think you are engaging well with your employees, ask yourself:

  • Have we conducted an employee engagement/satisfaction survey? What were our findings in the area of career development?
  • How well do we understand what drives our employees to perform their best?
  • Do we understand the strengths and development gaps of our most important resource, our employees?
  • What resources and support do we provide to enhance team and career development within the organization?

At LHH Gulf our employee engagement solutions incorporate the tools, resources and technology to assess and develop employees, which increases understanding and helps to retain your biggest asset – your talent.

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