Future-Proof Your Job

Future-Proof Your Job

Future-Proof Your Job

Innovations in technology and new trends in the market are continually changing the job market. New patterns are revealing that most employees will not be part of the company’s team for extended times as seen in the past where individuals would stay in the same company for 20 years.

It is necessary for you to know your level as an employee, the advantages and limitations you have at the job as well as things you can do to improve your employability. Think about skills that would help you to make a living in case you suddenly found yourself unemployed. Learn new skills that will help you to retain your job, improve your work ethic, and input.

If you are employed, remember that you don’t get paid to work only, but contribute and add value to the company. You are expected to work towards the organization’s goals and long-term objectives as well as deliver exemplary services to clients. As an employee, you should view the company as your customer and you as the expert who provides professional services. Employees in all positions should use this strategy no matter their position.

Whether you are employed, self-employed, or transitioning through careers, think about and examine your employability level. Even if you are currently focusing on developing your leadership skills, you need to improve the qualities that can help you in your job.

Here are some ideas to help you ‘future-proof’ your job:

Use SOAR stories to record your achievements

When considering a career change or if a Career Transition Service / Program has been given to you as part of your separation agreement, use SOAR stories to record your achievements and milestones.

Many people think that cataloging their achievements includes a description of their achievements and responsibilities in their previous jobs. However, this process requires you to display your achievements, which include your contributions and the outcomes. It is necessary for you to outline your achievements succinctly and reinforce them with concrete evidence demonstrating the value you bring to the organization.

Keep track of, and analyse your achievements constantly. The best method to analyze your accomplishments is by using LHH SOAR stories: Situation, Obstacles, Action, and Result. This is where you highlight a situation and obstacle, the actions you took, and the outcomes of those actions. This information is crucial because it not only shows what you did but also highlights the value that you added to the company. In essence it demonstrates your value proposition and what you can bring to the new organization.


Assessments help you with Self Awareness, seeing the blind spots and reinforcing your strengths. When considering a personality assessment for your career transition, choose a reliable service such as the Hogan’s Personality Inventory – Understand your strengths and be aware of your ‘dark side,’. Self-awareness, is the key to building success in whatever position you hold in an organization. 360-degree assessments can draw attention to blind spots and create an excellent opportunity to promote growth and development.

Consider a Coach or Mentor

Enlisting the support of a mentor or experienced Executive Coach can enrich your journey, add value and help you come up with strategies for your career. The right person can facilitate a safe space to explore your weaknesses and difficulties, and overcome challenges using proven methods that lead to successful results. You will find that results and progress will not be limited to your work life and career but will also spearhead personal development and growth. Your mentor or coach influences and challenges you to make tough decisions that pay off later.

Network Network Network

Pay attention to, nurture and constantly grow your network. We know, from what we observe that through our career transition service work that most jobs are found through networking. Consider informing others of your activities and whether you are available for jobs.  The people you interact with are valuable as they are the ones who will help you grow, expand and develop your network. Most companies announce job vacancies first within their employees, family, clients, and close associates and being top of mind will work in your favour.

Observe the Marketplace

Even when you are not considering career transition or a job move, it is wise to continually study the job market – this allows you to measure your employability.  Observe local, regional, and international business news even if you are not searching for a job. Stay informed by reading trade news and magazines related to your profession and areas of interest as this can help you to measure your estimate value in the job market.

Build Skills Continuously

Employers are always on the lookout for people with valuable skills for their companies. The more skills you amass, the higher your chances of getting employed.  Attend courses, workshops, seminars, and volunteer to improve your skills. Remember to consider the skills that relate to your profession.

Build Your Brand through Different Platforms

Take time to build your brand and image by using free resources such as social media platforms. Building your brand online is a personal marketing approach. The fastest way to find information about a brand is by browsing through various platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook.  Remember that employers will judge you based on your reputation and personal brand you create on different platforms, so populate it wisely.

How Do Your Soft Skills Affect Your Work?

You might not know this, but employees can use soft skills to determine who gets what position, or who keeps the job. Intangible skills such as creativity, positive attitude, curiosity, communication skills, charisma, passion, adaptability, and tolerance are valuable at the workplace. Learn to interact with different people and handle social situations wisely. Although social skills cannot be measured or impact your resume, your network can support you by sharing soft skills you possess which adds credibility to your value proposition.

There are many things you can do for yourself to ensure your services are valuable and in demand. For more information on Career Transition Services, Assessments or Coaching contact us at info@lhhgulf.com