Managing organisational change: Dealing with Outplacement (redundancy) in Dubai

Managing organisational change: Dealing with Outplacement (redundancy) in Dubai

Managing organisational change: Dealing with Outplacement (redundancy) in Dubai

In today’s uncertain times, the one thing we can be sure of is change. As economies and political landscapes in the Middle East and around the world fluctuate, mergers and acquisitions are becoming more and more common, driving organizational change and development.

In order to ensure business continuity, to protect brands and their people, companies are increasingly using career transition and outplacement programs to support individuals who are no longer part of the organisation’s future.

With 15 years’ experience in the UAE providing organisations with outplacement programs to support individuals whose roles are redundant, our team share answers to common questions and recommendations with anyone facing career transition.

How long does it take to land a new job?

“There are many factors that impact this frequently asked question, making it near impossible to give a definitive answer. When we meet with candidates initially, often their focus is the date their visa will be cancelled, and the time they have to secure a new role and visa. Couple that with a family whom they sponsor, children who are in school and the reality of housing in the UAE – stress levels are sent soaring, creating ‘noise’ and pressure that distracts them from taking action appropriately”.

What should the first steps be?

“Once candidates have moved past initial stress and panic, reality sets in and they realise they need a plan to navigate their way through the process, to land a new role and get life to a new normal. Our career coaches use our global program tailoring it to each individual’s need. Starting from understanding the market trends, compiling a professional CV and marketing plan; building a network and interview practice through to preparing for their new role”.

How can a career transition program or career coach help?

“Our Career Transition programs add structure and direction to an individual’s job search. Our Career Coaches who all live in the region, act as a sounding board and source of knowledge and advice.”

What should I look for when choosing an outplacement company?

“If you can visit their office to see their facilities and meet their consultants. Talk to existing and previous candidates.” Use your questions to explore:

Level of Personalized and Flexible coaching

Career coaches with knowledge and experience of the job search process who are based in the region and can provide practical support for individuals building their network. 90% of companies we work with globally agree one-on-one consulting is the most valued service.

At LHH Gulf, we deliver personalised programs with certified career coaches whose experience covers multiple industries. Each candidate has an initial engagement meeting after which they are assigned a coach based on their needs, background and career goals.

Technology that supports candidate’s job search

With access to job leads, support with social media, training resources covering a full range of job search skills and productivity tools e.g., Video interviewing. Our services include access to on-line networking events for individuals based around the region and an App for our on-line Career Resource Network.

Global Infrastructure

Possibly more important here than other regions, the company should be able to support individuals globally, should they need to move from the Middle East.

Our global reach means individuals have the ability to transfer programs to anywhere in the world should relocation be necessary.

At LHH Gulf we are passionate about what we do, managing change and outplacement needs to be well planned and rolled out, we partner with organizations to help them in the process beginning to end. Please feel free to reach out to get more information on how we can partner with you and support your organization.