Sustainability in the Workplace

Sustainability in the Workplace

Sustainability in the Workplace

As people around the globe mark World Environment Day today, we’ve been giving a lot of thought to the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, not in terms of waste but how to create a sustainable workplace.

The term sustainable employability is used to describe an initiative that combines elements also known as engagement, career development, talent management, wellness and career transition. The goal is to ensure that employees are not only healthy, engaged and productive, but also prepared to adjust to future disruptions that may require them to take on entirely new roles within the company, or perhaps leave to find a new job.

To better understand sustainable employability as a growing trend, and to gauge its ROI, LHH conducted research in 2016, a study of 9 Dutch customers, companies of various sizes and industries, all with a global profile and together, represented a base of more than 12,000 employees.

The study showed that while all companies employed some elements of sustainable employability, only two scored highly in multiple elements of a holistic program. Not surprisingly, those two companies also demonstrated greatest overall profitability and market growth among the organizations studied. The results are not surprising. Advocates of the elements of sustainable employability – engagement, career development and wellness, have for many years been connecting these to greater operational performance and bottom line results.

The companies that are deeply committed to sustainable employability are demonstrating clearly that in isolation, engagement, career development and wellness are not as effective as they are in a combined, focused program to make employees happier, healthier and better prepared for future career disruptions.
The study also highlighted tools an organisation was using to create conversations with employees about re-orienting their career. A company focus on the topics mentioned below enable companies to consider what sustainable employment means for them.

• Interactive programs for groups to consider questions such as “What did you want to be when you were a kid, and what did you want to do when you were grown up?” Encouraging the questions ‘Do I want to do the same job in five or 10 years?’ ‘Is my job even going to be here in five or 10 years?”

• Discussions to help employees focus on areas where they can improve, and motivate them to pursue career goals they may have abandoned long ago.

• Training with managers on how to engage their employees in conversations about sustainable employability. Encouraging managers to think about incorporating sustainable employability in their day-to-day interactions. Empowering managers and the employees.

This positive impact on corporate sustainability on attracting and retaining talent was demonstrated in HBR research where it revealed that Corporate sustainability offered to employees gives them a sense of purpose, makes them feel like valued stakeholders and increases engagement. The results show Employee loyalty was 38% better in companies with solid sustainability strategies and programs in place, compared to companies with poor sustainability performance.

LHH Gulf works with companies of all sizes delivering bespoke programs that aim to equip, support and strengthen business leveraging their talent, their biggest asset.

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