Onboard Coaching

onboard coaching

The current rate of technological change has businesses strategically filling roles that will impact organizational growth most and accelerate change efforts and success. Newly hired talent is expected to be effective immediately and bring strong leadership with them to drive change and meet business objectives. Many companies however have no onboarding practices or programs, and, new employees are expected to assimilate quickly while trying to navigate their new landscape.

Onboard Coaching in the Middle East

Onboarding plays a vital role supporting new talent to integrate and bring the value anticipated by the organizations leadership. It is a foundation for a talent management strategy which is designed to shorten time to productivity, minimize turnover and maximize performance. For new hires it is important to build rapport with their teams establishing trust - providing onboarding services will support new employees allowing them to quickly build confidence.

LHH|Gulf provides a focused approach to executive coaching individuals – in Dubai and the region that targets key skills and behaviors for development. On-board coaching is provided over 3 or 6 months and incorporates relevant assessments, stakeholder interviews and one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals.

onboard coaching Gulf

Common areas of focus for on-board Coaching are often:

  • Agreement on goals and objectives for the first 90 days in a new role
  • Focus on strengths and development needs during transition
  • Building a strong relationship with key stakeholders
  • Review of communication style
  • Leading and motiving new team
  • Building trust and credibility with new colleagues.

The LHH|Gulf Results Based Coaching Model is used throughout the process to ensure outcomes are outlined, appropriate information is gathered, strategies are agreed upon and expected results are defined. Our executive coaching consultants in the UAE work with organizations across the region to support new hires in their transition and integration.

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