Career Transition & Outplacement

Career Transition Outplacement Dubai UAE

Career transitioning out of any organisation is different for every individual. At LHH we know this, and because coaching is at the heart of everything we do, we recognise that choices need to be explored and options must be considered, because ‘what’s next’ becomes ‘the way forward’.

If the search for a similar job is the way forward, it’s important to create structure for individuals, which is why we use a project management approach to help our candidates plan and implement their job search.

Each individual works with a personal career coach who provides consulting throughout the duration of their program: In some cases, even as they assimilate into their next role.

Through 1:1 meetings, virtual sessions, phone calls and emails, we cover Personal Branding, Marketing Strategies, Job Search Methods, Social Media and Networking, Interview Preparation, Job Search Work Teams, and more …… Additionally we provide 24/7 access to an extensive learning and information resource through LHH’s own Career Resource Network portal.

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