We are a professional, experienced, culturally diverse and multi-lingual team who support employees as well as management, in order to help your business remain productive, committed and focused.

Our team of qualified consultants led by managing director, Karen Oliver, deliver consistent, tailored programs, workshops and consultation that facilitate careers, develop leaders & strengthen business.


Karen Oliver

An Executive Coach with 25 years experience working with senior managers and leadership teams in international and local organisations in the UK, Asia Pacific and for 16 years in the Middle East. Karen is the Managing Director of LHH|Gulf and has extensive experience in executive coaching, leadership and talent development, and change management.

As an experienced facilitator she has supported senior teams in managing the change process following mergers, acquisitions and organisational realignment. The former HR Manager for international retailer Marks & Spencer, she was responsible for leadership and talent development in Asia Pacific. The founder of the LHH|Gulf office she has built a team of professional coaches who partner with organisations to meet specific needs e.g. developing senior leaders to creating a coaching culture.


Helen Beesley

Helen has over 25 years’ experience delivering a range of tailored occupational assessment solutions to clients across the UK, Middle East & Asia. Sectors include; Retail, FMCG, Government institutions, Banking & Finance, Aviation, Education.

Helen is Level A & Level B Certified and is an experienced feedback coach for a broad range of assessment and development psychometric tools. Over the years she has assessed a large number of managers and leaders using psychometrics and other objective assessment tools. She has a wealth of experience giving feedback on Psychometric tests, assessment & development centers as well as 360 profiles to candidates in addition to writing comprehensive candidate reports.


Caroline Gasc

Caroline is an Executive, Leadership and Team Performance Coach, with over 18 years’ experience in international finance roles within multinational companies and family businesses, from headquarters to operational units, in both product and services activities. Her most recent role in Dubai was CFO for a leading global industrial engineering company, where she led a team of 30 people through transition towards new culture & new requirements, and ensuring retention of key employees.

She is also recognized for her skills in mentoring, performance management and managing cross-cultural diversity, bringing a wealth of cross-cultural experience to her work and 15 years of personal development. Caroline’s approach is driven by speed, simplicity and sustainability as she strives for people’s growth, leadership and engagement.


Paul White

Paul is an executive coach and chartered accountant with 20+ year track record in personal & organizational change, sales, leadership, social competence, conflict management, financial planning & analysis, system implementation and project management.

He works with clients ranging from Chief Executives to high potential talent, entrepreneurs and high achievers. He excels in assisting clients drive strategic alignment, remove operational roadblocks and engage high performance teams. He is especially adept at assisting individuals realise their potential and find clarity in their decision making.