Leadership Development Programs UAE

Outplacement & Career Transition in the Middle East

Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry

LHH has been instrumental in guiding and assisting me in my career transition. The empathy, understanding and knowledge of LHH has been a reprieve of support and information for me to move throughout this life stage. I honestly will be forever indebted to LHH. It has been life changing. Massive Thank you!

HR Professional, Oil & Gas

Thank you once again for all your advice and support during the sessions. It was really invaluable and I am not sure I would have gotten this far without your help.

Sales Professional, IT

It was a very helpful program especially in the rehabilitation phase to prepare myself psychologically for the next career step, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking career counseling and coaching.

Change Management

Senior Manager, Services Provider

The program unlocked a few doors for us as a team. We agreed to Ground Rules that enabled us to achieve our objectives and encouraged a heightened respect for our colleagues.

HR Manager, Aviation Industry

It was interesting to share the perception of others regarding where we stand together as a team. I have learned that a little communication will help a long way, sometimes we simply misinterpret things which creates misunderstandings and disappointments.


Country Manager, International Logistics Company

Before the coaching some steps used to be taken in a rush, and this got improved by learning how to pause and consider different aspects before reacting. I got to know my real inner self through the coaching sessions. The benefits of the coaching will cascade down, to the way I manage people and make wiser decisions.

HR Manager, Airline Industry

We have been working with Lee Hecht Harrison Gulf and with Karen Oliver for over 4 years. We have been working together on Talent Development Programs, Assessment Projects, Coaching Initiatives as well as on some out of the box Team Development Programs. Karen and her team proved to be a flexible and professional partner who could always come up with suggestions in order to help us to achieve our objectives. Essentially, would we have a question or an idea, together we could always turn it into a solution! A trustful relationship with Karen in an easy, relaxed way! (Proof that fun is not a strange thing in business!)

Regional Director, International Telecoms Organization

Working with Karen Oliver provided me with all the tools to manage my career going forward. I do feel less stressed and calmer and better able to handle those ‘corporate’ battles in a more effective way.

Coaching Skills Training

Head of Distribution – Financial Organization, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

I found the Coaching training program very useful and unusually for a work-related course, great fun. I have recommended to HR and the Senior Team that they offer the course to other coaches and managers in the organization.