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The ability to attract, identify, develop and retain key talent is essential to meet your current and future leadership needs. LHH Gulf's Leadership Development services and programs provide practical tools to develop leaders and leverage raw talent for maximum productivity.

Our flexible range of options can be customised to assist emerging leaders, middle managers or executives in order to build the leadership competencies needed to develop your organisation’s business strategy and goals.

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Corporate Coaching and Training in the Gulf

LHH Gulf’s corporate coaching services are linked at every stage to strategic goals within your organization aligned with talent development. We partner with you through our flexible range of options to develop your valuable talent through:

Executive Coaching - One-on-one coaching program for your executives, providing a tangible investment in the development of your business leaders.

Leadership Coaching - These programs enable middle managers and high potential employees to become more capable, versatile and successful, increasing the breadth and depth of your leadership talent.

Team and Group Coaching - Our program combines a unique model and coaching methodology to ensure team alignment for optimal performance and improved effectiveness. Learn more about Team and Group Coaching.

Onboard Coaching

Developing Leaders & Coaching Skills in the Gulf

We run programs to meet your leadership coaching needs for teams, consider the following corporate training programs we offer:

Coaching Conversations - This program provides leaders with a proven approach for developing and retaining key talent and enhancing communications within teams through effective coaching conversations.

The Leadership Contract™ - This workshop assists leaders to take the steps for personal accountability which is at the heart of leadership development.

All programs and leadership courses are delivered by a team of accredited coaches who combine extensive business experience with coaching training from approved training institutes.

Additional programs that cover a range of coaching skills, corporate training and leadership courses are available.

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